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Yearly Contract

For regular weekly piano lessons this is the most common and also most inexpensive offer (see price per single lesson). There are no make-ups for missed lessons and during the holidays there are no classes. The holidays are calculated into the monthly rate and the same fee has to be paid every month, 12x per year.

Length of Piano LessonMonthly FeePrice per Single Lesson*
30 min95,00 €30,00 €**
45 min125,00 €40,00 €**
60 min150,00 €50,00 €**

* Based on an average school year with 36 weeks of classes. The student will receive no less than 36 lessons per year.
** To be paid: monthly (12x per year)

10 Lesson Package

Ideal for students who do not want to be tied to an entire year of lessons or who need to prepare for a concert, competition or recording project. The package includes 10 lessons, usually given in consecutive weeks (individual scheduling can be made possible at teacher's discretion). A maximum of one missed lesson will be made-up.

Length of Piano LessonTotal FeePrice per Single Lesson
30 min370,00 €37,00 €*
45 min500,00 €50,00 €*
60 min650,00 €65,00 €*

* To be paid: at once or in two payments

Intensive Classes (2x per Week)

For the intensive preparation of e.g. ABRSM or Jugend musiziert two lessons per week are often necessary.

Pricing by agreement

Single Lessons

Individual lessons are suitable, among other things, for refreshing existing knowledge or if particularly flexible piano lessons are required.

Length of Piano LessonPrice per Single Lesson
30 min40,00 €*
45 min55,00 €*
60 min75,00 €*

* To be paid: at once or in two payments